Balkan Fusion Dance is founded by Ana Baric. In her home town of Sarajevo Ana was surrounded by music as a young girl and she danced for the TV on the cheerful Balkan sounds. Ana is very fascinated by the Balkan & gypsy music and films such as 'Time of The Gypsies' with music by Goran Bregovic. Once in the Netherlands, her passion for music and dance continued to grow and the desire to share it with others. Balkan Fusion Dance is for everyone who enjoy (fusion) dancing. Balkan Fusion Dance is a mix of various dance styles originating in the Balkans. Dances are performed to a happy mix of traditional and folk music combined with modern Pop and Dance music. Ana uses music from artists like Goran Bregovic, Shantel, Balkan Beat Box, Boban Markovic and Severina. Besides the fun choreographies, this dance style is a full body work-out. It increases your flexibility, improves your coordination as well as your musicality.