Adnan Hamidović Frenkie is one of the most successful and most influential Balkan rappers. He started his career cooperating with Edo Maajka and the Fm Jam crew whose member he is. He released seven studio albums and those most popular are: Odličan cd (The perfect CD), Protuotrov (Antidote), Troyanac, Putanja(The Path) with Kontra & Indigo, and the last album Egzil which was released by the major label Universal Music. Egzil was released in December 2017 and it was the most selling album on Google play for four weeks, topping also Eminem's Revival which was released the same day. Frenkie is famous for his social engagements, he is activist for human rights and he strongly stands against nationalism and hate. He was a cofounder of the Dosta movement; he supported the Baby revolution (protests for the personal identification number in Bosnia) and also the protests in 2014 which broke out in Frankie’s hometown Tuzla. He received the Croatian award Zlatna Koogla, Davorin price in Bosnia and the MTV Best Adria Act 2013. With ten other hip hop artists from Europe he released the Diversidad album, and his song Pismo Milanu (A letter to Milan) was an inspiration for two documentary movies Pismo (A Latter) and Granica (The Border). He also participated in the documentary movies Stani na put (Stand on my way) and Soul Train which premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival in 2015. Frankie’s song „Soundtrack“ was included in the Hollywood blockbuster The Incredible Hulk, he wrote music for a theatre play Mortal Kombajn directed by Dino Mustafić, and he performed with the Sarajevo philharmonic orchestra. He wrote columns for the Bosnian weekly Dani, internet news portal and the serbian e-novine. The critics named him a hero of the generation, his lyrics are often compared to poetry, and his flow is one of the Balkans finest.