Lada zigo

Lada Žigo is a Croatian writer born in 1970 in Zagreb and graduated in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. She has written literary reviews and essays for many newspapers and cultural and literary magazines and she runs a literary panel for the Croatian Writers’ Association. Her rst book, People and News People (Ljudi i novinari, SysPrint 2007) was shortlisted for two pres- tigious awards – Ksaver Šandor Gjalski and Kiklop. Her second novel, Bitches (Babetine, SysPrint, 2009), sets itself against the “women’s writing” then in vogue. In 2010, Ms Žigo published Rou- lette (Rulet, SysPrint), a novel exploring how gambling can become the only hope for people in a transitional society who have no better prospects. In 2011, she published Healer (Iscjelitelj, Alfa), a novel in which she targets another phenomenon not unknown in transitional societies – false healers and fortune-tellers who manipulate people and take their last hopes. Ms Lada Žigo is a member of the Croatian Writers’ Association and Croatian Freelance Artists Organisation. She lives and works in Zagreb.