Romano Drom 20th anniversary & guests

Romano Drom is one of the best known vlach gipsy bands in Eastern- Central Europe, a living and growing brand in world music since 1998. Toured the world (in 30 countries the band gave almost 500 concerts ’till it’s foundation) and back, experienced all, ups and downs, to speak with a real voice, with a true message to the audience, telling tales of a hidden urban folklore. Romano Drom reaches out for listeners even yet unconquered to world music. Their 7 albums reflects the effort the band founder, author Antal Kovács preserving the roots for renew, to make his thoughts musical and lirical find the devices to join with elements from other cultures, dissolve all these together in the melting pot of contemporary world music. The sometimes melancholic, emotional, and at other times very energetic and danceable music is coagulate from the praise of traditional string and percussion intstruments added drums and bass guitar- redefined traditional melodies and own compositions mixed with modern scoring. This harmonically renewed perspective of vlach gipsy tradition is that earns them standing ovation (beside their genius showman skills) wherever they perform of the world’s main stages.

Romano Drom celebrates it’s 20th anniversary in 2019 with releasing a new album promoted and distributed worldwide by Riverboat Records (World Music Network).  In this jubilee year the jubilee and at the same time releasing tour starts with Balkan Trafik Festival, 27th April.